About us

Lycalux innovative in led lighting

Lycalux is located in Zoetermeer  The Netherlands and develops and manufactures  energy saving lighting solutions for the European market. With our own engineering team and manufacturing facilities Lycalux is capable to meet the specific needs concerning led lighting solutions of our customers.

“Quality and sustainability”  that is where Lycalux stands for

Light, energy saving and sustainability with high quality standards is the experience from Lycalux. Led lighting has many advantages compared to conventional lighting. The most important features are: low energy cost, long durability and the quality

Lycalux is not only looking at the advantages of light lighting, but has the mission to find the most efficient solution for your situation. The focus of Lycalux is on quality and sustainability only using high-quality components to expand to life cycle of the products supplied. This addresses the sustainability of your company

Advice without any obligation for the best results    
Making the right choices is based on a good advice. Lycalux offers you free advice for lighting solutions. Our team of experts visits your company to evaluate the situation, and based on this information a lighting plan will be issued with the use of Dialux calculations. Our advice includes information how much light is required to create an optimal working area. Do you choose for an energy saving solution Lycalux can issue an R.O.I. calculation if required.

Your company lighting, energy saving and sustainable

Led lighting is developing more and more throughout the years and Lycalux has been heavily involved in these developments with our own research and development and new trends are monitored closely. More and more situations are suitable to be equipped with Lycalux led lighting. Do you want to understand if energy saving Led lighting can be beneficial to your situation? Lycalux will be more than happy to supply you with an advice without any obligation to improve your company lighting with energy saving and sustainable lights.

Lycalux as a company  

Lycalux is founded by a private investment company called Vehold B.V. which has been active in development and production of new products for new markets for more than 25 years. Due to central development capacity, supported by a team of Romanian engineers Vehold is capable to bring new products to market. Vehold developed a new led fixture and brought this to market by a Dutch distributor. As demand in the market increased Vehold started the company Lycalux in 2008

Lycalux is the lighting innovator in the area of sustainable led lighting solutions. With a high quality and innovative product portfolio Lycalux offers the best light solution for every project. Lycalux has a broad experience in warehouse, offices, clean rooms and other medical areas.

With its own development, production and distribution Lycalux is able to act quickly towards the specific demands from the market. This makes Lycalux your innovative partner in lighting. Due to the company structure employees are capable to address the needs of the customer. This makes Lycalux unique in the market of led lighting

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