Our Vision

Our vision

Lycalux develops and manufactures as well locally as internationally high quality, energy saving led lighting fixtures for the building construction companies. Thinking and listening to the customers is way to grow Lycalux. “Expanding the trade name, growing in products and growing in the world of lighting”. Everything Lycalux does is meant to be on a social, accountable and sustainable way. This is how Lycalux operates.

Our mission

Lycalux is an innovative and flexible supplier from self developed led lighting solutions with a high quality standard. Using the right high quality components Lycalux is able to differentiate itself in the area of quality. Lycalux controls the whole cycle from development, production and distribution. Based on this Lycalux is innovative and has a lot of experience concerning the latest technology. Lycalux can offer the lighting solution for every project. This based on competitive pricing and quality standards.

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